Posted On June 21, 2010

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this is a quick post, to keep myself inspired and motivated!

Lately, procrastination has been haunting me from hell D:, feeling uninspired to do anything. I urgently have to finish my 2 elective geography assignments (a report and a presentation on the report), due thursday, but I just cannot be bothered, and hence, after a couple of days of miserable yet slightly happy procrastination, I have to decided to google: “how to stay motivated”

My results:

(an awesome site I have now subscribed to for my feeds ><“):

LifeHacker – How to stay Motivated

LifeHacker – 11 ways to stop procrastination. I literally LOLLED at the 5th way! as if I’ll be able to talk to Steve Jobs everyday. XD

I also discovered this cool app, or now website, called Evernote that my brother uses instead of Remember the Milk now, to set up tasks, remember things..etc. I’m going to try use it so that I can somewhat feel .. inspired or motivated to do my work D: Check it out if you have time!

Off to try destroy procrastination,



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